2012 Elections

2012 Election Results for North Carolina


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2012 General Election - Rutherford County, NC

Polling place hours on Tuesday, November 6th: 6:30am to 7:30pm

Click here for polling locations in Rutherford County

2012 North Carolina Early Voting Is Over - October 18th to November 3rd

Rutherford County Early Voting Information at this link...

Early Voting Locations

October 18th to November 3rd

  • Hours: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (8:30 am to 1:00 pm on November 3rd)
  • Location: 298 Fairground Road, Spindale, NC 28160 (Board of Elections Office)

October 22nd to November 3rd

  • Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (8:30 am to 1:00 pm on November 3rd)
  • Location: 289 North Main Street, Rutherfordton, NC 28139 (Rutherford County Annex Building)
  • Location: 175 Depot Street, Ellenboro, NC 28040 (Ellenboro Fire Department)

Click here for hours and details about the above noted early voting locations.


2012 North Carolina Primary Elections Are Over

GREAT job Rutherford County!!!

  • A 10% increase in voter turnout when compared to the 2008 primaries.
  • President Obama only received 55% of the Democrat vote in Rutherford county, running against "No Preference".
  • Dan Forest received over 40% of the Republican vote in the county, in a 5 person race.

Keep the momentum going and stay informed about the issues as we head to the general election… talk to your friends and family about what you educate yourself on… and lastly: VOTE in November!


This page is dedicated to the 2012 elections. The following information will be organized on this page:

  • Candidates at local, state, and national level
  • Other related election information

We will primarily focus on activities related to county elections, however will also keep information as up to date as possible on state and national elections. We are taking this approach, since we believe that the changes needed at all levels of government are best started at the local levels and propagated upwards.

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Rutherford County 2012 Election

For latest information, and contact details for the candidates in Rutherford County, please visit the Rutherford County Board of Elections web page at: http://www.rutherfordcountync.gov/dept/board_of_elections/Candidates_2012.php

Polling Locations in Rutherford County, NC

Visit the County Board of Elections page here for polling locations.

Board Of Elections Pages

Rutherford County NC Primary Candidates

Listing at The Board of Elections Web Site

Voter Statistics

Rutherford County

Total Registered Voters: 42,722

  • Democrat: 17,858 (42% of all registered voters in the county)
  • Republican: 14,368 (33% of all registered voters in the county)
  • Libertarian: 73 (0.2% of all registered voters in the county)
  • Unaffiliated: 10,429 (24% of all registered voters in the county)

North Carolina

Total Registered Voters: 6,290,446

  • Democrat: 2,777,676 (44% of all registered voters in the state)
  • Republican: 1,974,546 (31% of all registered voters in the state)
  • Libertarian: 13,720 (0.2% of all registered voters in the state)
  • Unaffiliated: 1,568,504 (25% of all registered voters in the state)

2012 Primary Information

Can You Make a Difference in 2012

Only 23% of registered voters show up for the presidential election year primaries… That means:

3,929 Democrats will show up for the Democrat primaries in 2012.

3,161 Republicans will show up for the GOP primary election this year.

2,294 independents will show up at a GOP or a Democrat primary.

EVERY vote counts this year… every person you talk to will make a difference.

Not Registered With a Party? Primaries Are Still Open to You!

From the Rutherford County Board of Elections FAQ Page:

When you arrive at your polling place you must choose to vote Republican, Democrat
or you can decline to choose. 
  Republican - You may vote in the Republican races and the non-partisan races. 
  Democrat - You may vote in the Democratic races and the non-partisan races. 
  Declining to choose - You may only vote in the non-partisan races (e.g. Superior Court Judges). 
These limitations don't apply during a November General Election, only in Primary Elections. In
General Elections, any registered voter just goes to the appropriate polling place and votes,
without needing to worry about which party they are registered in.

Register to Vote Online

Click here to visit the NC voter registration page at the State Board of Elections

Early Voting Information and One Stop Voter Registration

From One Stop Voter Registration Information

A North Carolina resident who is qualified to vote but who misses the 25-day
deadline for voter registration may register and vote at a One-Stop Site
during the One-Stop Absentee Voting period. The One-Stop Voting period
extends from 19 to 3 days before Election Day.

The process is sometimes referred to as “Same-Day Registration,” but it is
important to recognize that it not permitted on Election Day itself.

One Stop Voting Locations and Times In Rutherford County, NC

Locations and Times for Early Voting in Rutherford County, NC

  • Board of Elections Office, 298 Fairground Rd. Spindale map
  • County Annex Building, 289 N Main St. Rutherfordton map


Voter Statistics From NC State Board of Elections
Election Timetable - Rutherford County Board of Elections
Some Fearless Predictions, Sort Of - By John Hood, President and Chairman of the John Locke Foundation

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