Rutherford912 5000 Year Leap Scholarship Program

Anyone who says the American Constitution is obsolete just because social and economic conditions have changed does not understand the real genius of the Constitution. - "The 5000 Year Leap"

Quick Facts

  • Deadline: June 1st 2011
  • Eligibility: Attend a Rutherford County High School or is home schooled in Rutherford County, NC, graduating in class of 2011.
  • Application form: click here
  • Amount: $500.00

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During the 912 Anniversary Special on the Glenn Beck television program (March 13, 2010), Michael Jablonski of presented a way in which his group introduces the 5000 Year Leap to as many high school students as possible. He explained the 5000 Year Leap Scholarship Program that his group began and my curiosity was piqued. What an awesome opportunity for high school students in Rutherford County!

The Rutherford 912 5000 Year Leap Scholarship Program was born!

Please consider becoming part of this effort, by donating to the scholarship fund. Click here to see the Donations section on how to donate via PayPal, or to contact us for your contributions to this fund.

Our program is based on the book, The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen. The book lays out the 28 principles that our Founding Fathers used to set up the most successful form of government the planet has ever seen. Our group wants to ensure that the next generation is aware of these principles. We hope that this awareness will help to ensure liberty and freedom forever. We believe that by participating in our scholarship program, high school seniors will be enlightened and get excited about learning more about the founding of this country while competing with their peers to earn a cash award they can use for college tuition. - From the The Forgotten Man web site.

Past Contest Winners

2010 - Mackenzie McCraw

The Daily Courier August 15th Article


Scholarship Information


The scholarship applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Attend a Rutherford County High School or is home schooled in Rutherford County, NC.
  • Graduating in class of 2011.
  • Will make themselves available if invited for media interviews.
  • Agree that the work they turn in becomes the property of the Rutherford912 5000 Year Leap Scholarship Program.

Essay Requirements

  • The student is required to obtain and read The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen, then write a 1500 word essay. Students can obtain the book:
  • The following three criteria must be included in the applicant’s essay.
    • Describe the extremes of the political spectrum as viewed by our Founders. Where did they want America to be on that spectrum? Do you believe that America is currently on that point of the spectrum today? Explain.
    • Skousen lays out the 28 principles that founded this nation, which resulted in more progress in 200 years than had been achieved in the previous 5000 years. Choose four topics from the list below to include in your essay. For each topic you should discuss the Founders perspective on that topic and what the ramifications might be to America if we do not adhere to that perspective.
      • Why we need virtuous and moral leaders.
      • The role of religion in a society that is based on personal freedom and liberty.
      • Why the Founders chose a republic instead of a democracy, and what the benefits of a republic are to the citizens.
      • Why the Founders thought that government should ensure equal rights, but not equal things.
      • What was the Founders view on national debt?
      • The relationship between the ownership of property and liberty.
      • Why a strong local self-government is so important to freedom.
  • Finally, explain the impact that reading this book has had on you and your understanding of liberty.

Application Form

2011 Application Form

Click on this link to print the application form.


Important Dates

Accepting Donations: Always

Our goal is to to be able to offer a $500 scholarship with the hope of raising enough money for multiple scholarships. The entire scholarship hinges on our ability to raise the funds necessary. Click here to see the Donations section for information on how to contact us for your contributions to this fund.

Present Scholarship Opportunity to Schools: Start of Each School Year

Once we secure the funds for the scholarship we will contact the administrators of Rutherford County High Schools and home school groups, and offer their seniors the opportunity to participate.

Essay Contest Begins: October 1st 2010

On October 1st we will make the scholarship application available on this web page, and also distribute the application to local high schools and home school groups.

Last Day To Submit Essay: June 1st, 2011

Essays must be postmarked by June 1st 2011 to be considered eligible for this scholarship. More eligibility details will be posted in the Eligibility section of this page.

Scholarship Award Presentation: July 2011

The Rutherford912 group will present the scholarship award to the winning essay(s) during the month of July 2011.

Essay Judges

The essays will be reviewed and scored by a three judge panel made up of Rutherford912-ers. They hold the following credentials:

  • A former English teacher and High School Scholarship Board member
  • A former US History teacher and AP History Essay Reader
  • A professional writer and author of "El Amanecer" (The Authorized Biography of Vicente Fox Quesada former President of Mexico).

Donation Information

Please contact us if you are willing to contribute to this scholarship fund via email at:
or contact us via twitter or facebook

We also accept donations via PayPal by clicking on the Donate button:

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Rutherford912 group is not registered as a non-profit organization, so your contributions to this fund will not be considered as tax deductible expenses. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you, and encourage you to still consider supporting this effort in spite of the missing tax deduction.

Pledges and Donations Made So Far: $1375

  • $100 Local donor pledge 03/14/10
  • $ 20 Earl 03/14/10
  • $ 50 Samuel Hutchinson 03/14/10
  • $ 50 Dave Judy 03/14/10
  • $ 25 AL & Barbara Paulin 03/14/10
  • $ 50 Tipton International Trading Company pledge 03/14/10
  • $ 50 Green Heart International pledge 03/14/10
  • $ 50 Tomato Art Company pledge 03/14/10
  • $100 Anonymous Patriot 03/15/10
  • $100 Linda G and Karen H pledge 03/15/10
  • $ 30 James and Liz Segers 03/15/10
  • $ 20 Classical Conversations of Forest City, NC 03/16/10
  • $200 Dr. Paul Calvillo 03/16/10
  • $ 5 Lucy Calvillo 03/16/10
  • $100 Greenhill Store (James & Debbie Haynes) pledge 03/16/10
  • $ 15 Anonymous Patriot 03/18/10
  • $ 25 Anonymous Donor 03/20/10
  • $ 50 Joyce & Pete Russel 03/24/10
  • $ 65 GP&JP Patriots 03/28/10
  • $ 50 Anonymous Donor 04/08/10
  • $ 50 Zoran & Jennifer Naskov 04/08/10
  • $ 20 Bill & Cathy Eckler 06/24/10
  • $ 150 Courtside Steaks Fundraiser 06/23/10

The 5000 Year Leap

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