The Daily Courier's Henrietta Health Scare

Editor's Note Published in The November 2nd 2010 Daily Courier

Editor’s Note: An article published on Sunday, Oct. 31, on the state’s decision
to defer action on a Rutherford County financing package was published without
giving due attention to both sides of the story. The article noted that several
residents had written letters to the state objecting to approval of the financial
package, but did not fully explain what the letter writers’ objections were. In
an effort to address these issues, the Courier has talked with some of the
people involved and produced the following story. The Sunday article also included
reference to today’s election and a pledge signed by some candidates without
providing the specifics of the pledge. The actual pledge is being published as a
sidebar with today’s article. The Courier regrets any confusion caused by the

I (Zoran) would like to thank the Daily Courier for taking constructive criticism seriously and providing a full and balanced article on this issue in their November 2nd 2010 edition. While we have all made poor decisions in our past, it takes character and courage to openly admit wrongdoing and correct it.

Video Of November 1st 2010 Rutherford County Commissioner Meeting Public Comment Section

Update Article published on November 2nd 2010


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The October 31, 2010 Daily Courier article entitled "County EMS Station Delayed' reports that a "small band" of County residents is endangering the health of folks in Henrietta, Caroleen, Avondale, Cliffside, Harris, Danieltown, and Sandy Mush. Are these Haters of Health for Henrietta real?

Read on and you be the judge!!!

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The October 31st Daily Courier Article

False Claims In The Article vs The Truth

Petitions From County Residents Forced The LGC's Hand

The newspaper article mentioned the feedback from the LGC, however it failed to include the part where NC Deputy State Treasurer Vance Holloman actually explains why the LGC denied the request for new borrowing by the county:

From: Vance Holloman
To: Julie Scherer; John Condrey
Cc: Biff McGilvray; Andrew Holton; Tim Romocki
Subject: RE: November LGC Agenda
Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 3:15:10 PM
Since the newly elected Commissioners will constitute a majority of
the County’s Board of Commissioners once the new terms begin in
December, I have chosen not to present the new money projects
for consideration by the Local Government Commission at its
November 2nd meeting.
T. Vance Holloman,
Deputy State Treasurer
State and Local Government Finance Division
North Carolina Department of State Treasurer

Exactly what two sitting commissioners and numerous county residents have been proposing for several months.

Click here to view the full email from Mr. Holloman to the Rutherford County Government. The letter was made available as part of the Rutherford County Commissioner's Meeting Supplemental Agenda for the November 1st 2010 meeting.

LGC Petitioners Endanger The Health of County Folks

False: “….the Emergency Medical Service station, which would have been built in Henrietta, is being stopped by David Reno and a small band endangering the health of the folks in Caroleen, Avondale, Henrietta, Cliffside, Harris, Danieltown and Sandy Mush areas.” - Commissioner Brent Washburn as quoted in the article.

# Concerned taxpayers petitioned the LGC to allow a vote of the people to decide if the county should go into further debt of approximately $6 million.
# Commissioner Crowe, Commissioner Helton and many concerned citizens voiced support for the EMS station, requesting that the Commission Board separate the EMS project from the frivolous Daniel Road spending. Commissioners Washburn, McIntosh, and Holland refused to do so.

Commissioner Candidates Pledged To Spend No Money = No Henrietta EMS Ever!

False: “…three of the county commission candidates — Bill Eckler, Julius Owens and Roger Richard — have signed a pledge to spend no money , so that means, if they are elected, the EMS station in Henrietta is dead. ” - Commissioner Brent Washburn as quoted in the article.

# Bill Eckler, Julius Owens, & Roger Richard are in support of a Henrietta EMS station. The Rutherford 912 Pledge that they signed states that they will not take Rutherford County taxpayers into further debt. Click here to read the details on the pledge.
# The EMS station in Henrietta can be built using current county funds. Additional debt is not necessary.
# If the residents of Henrietta and surrounding areas were so important to Commissioner Washburn, why did he & Commissioner McIntosh vote (in 2008) to spend $4 million of our tax dollars on the Daniel Road property? A new EMS station could have been built for almost 1/4th of that amount.

A Balanced View of The Topic Was Presented

The Daily Courier did not interview any of the LGC petitioners whose full names it listed in the article. Only county government employees and elected officials were given the opportunity to make statements about this critical topic.

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