Rutherford County, NC Fast Facts - Fiscal Year 2009-2010

What Is This?

The Fact Facts card idea was inspired by a similar handout published by the John Locke Foundation containing information about the state of North Carolina.

The Rutherford912 group's focus on local politics first is the reason why we decided to put together this Fast Facts card on Rutherford County NC and its government.

Click here to download a printable version of this card, or contact us via email to request some of the cards we have already printed.

The card is a good way to quickly inform Rutherford County taxpayers about their local government financial and economic status, and thus start a conversation about education and involvement in our local government spending and operation.





1990 vs 2009

All 1990 amounts are inflation adjusted and are represented in 2009 Dollars.

Category 1990* 2009 % Change
Property Tax Revenue $17.37 M $35.78 M 106 %
Sales Tax Revenue $9.82 M** $11.27 M 15 %
County Held Debt $3 M $72 M 2,512 %
Population 57,196 63,415 11 %
Taxable Properties 36,707 54,041 47%

* - in 2009 Dollars
** - amount for 1990 not available, and is calculated from sales tax progression between 2000 and 2009


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