Pledge For County Commissioner Candidates - 2010 Primary Election


In the final months of 2009, we began compiling a list of county-related issues that are important to the residents of Rutherford County. That list was added to and edited during the R912 Group Meetings.

At the December 2009 R912 Group Meeting, we (the R912 Patriots) voted on the top 9 issues that we feel are most important to us and our friends and neighbors.

Those 9 issues were combined with the 12 912 Project values and the Rutherford 912 Pledge was born.

Copies of that pledge were given to each candidate for Rutherford County Commissioner. Their responses are posted on this site. Once the filing date for the election was closed (Feb. 26th), the list of signers was formatted and put into a Voter Guide and is being distributed to voters throughout the county.

Printable Version of The Voter Guide

You can download a printable version of the Rutherford912 County Candidate Pledge at this link.

Signers of The Pledge

Bill Eckler

Julius Owens

Margaret Helton (7 of 9 pledge items signed)

Roger (Bo) Richard

Rodney Robbins

Bob Howard (8 of 9 pledge items signed)

Harry Waters (7 of 9 pledge items signed)

Will Not Sign

Paul McIntosh

Gail McBrayer Strickland

Did Not Respond

Eddie Parker

Robert Bole

The 9 Pledge Statements

1. Terminate Daniel Road Complex

2. Reduce Property Taxes

3. Eliminate County Debt

4. Build Standalone Animal Shelter

5. Reduce County Owned Real Estate

6. Freeze Meeting Agenda Thursday Before County Meetings

7. Eliminate Property Tax for Easements

8. Outsource Non-essential County Services to Private Operators

9. Address Eminent Domain Threat From Airport Operations

Conduct County Business in Line With The Following Values

Printable Version of The Pledge

You can download a printable version of the Rutherford912 County Candidate Pledge at this link.

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