Tax Day Tea Party 2010 - Shelby 912 & Rutherford 912

After The Tea

Wow, what a great event and a great crowd… Jen, the kids and I (Zoran) had a great time and were blessed by the talks all the speakers presented…

It was very encouraging to see so many people in agreement with the talk I gave, as since many asked me to provide the text of what I said, I have posted it at this link. Click here if you want to read the text of my speech.

Scroll down on this page to see some pictures, videos and news articles about the event.

Many thanks to the Shelby 912 group for putting this event on, and for inviting the Rutherford 912 to participate.

Looking forward to more encouraging events, and again let us not rest, but instead be the mighty wind


Video, Pictures, News About The Shelby Tea Party

Pictures From The Tea Party

TV Report on News 14

Charlotte News 14 news report about the Shelby Tea Party

Shelby Star Article

"Thursday – Tax Day – was one to remember for the budding local group as they joined countless others from Maine to Hawaii in protesting government spending."

Carolina Journal Article on NC Tea Parties

Click here to read the article and see the CJ video containing clips from the Shelby tea party as well


Calling All Patriots

Those who believe in our constitutional form of government and that the laws set forth by our Forefathers should be either honored or changed by law.

Join the Shelby & Rutherford 912 groups at the Shelby, NC Courthouse Square, and be a part of this year's Tea Party movement.

For information on the Shelby 912/Tea Party visit their site at . To RSVP on our Facebook event page click here.

Check out the rest of this page, to see the flyer for this event, and other details…


April 15th 2010

  • 5pm - Entertainment starts
  • 6pm - Program starts, scheduled until 8pm


Speakers & presenters:

  • Hayden Soloway - Shelby 912


The Court House Square in Shelby, NC
W Marion St & N Lafayette St
Shelby, NC

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Click here to download a printable version of the flyer

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