Unexpected? Still? Really?

I think after over three years of economic downturn every month, we should at least not be surprised by the indicators…

Optimism must be rampant in the main stream media…

2012 Aug 23rd article "claims for unemployment benefits took an UNEXPECTED jump in the latest week" NBC
2012 Apr 9th article "U.S. stocks started the week with a sharp loss after Friday's worse-than-expected jobs data" WSJ/Dow
2012 Jan 31st article "Consumer confidence UNEXPECTEDLY fell in January as more Americans worried about the country's weak job market" Reuters
2011 Dec 13th article "U.S. retail sales rose LESS THAN EXPECTED in November" MSNBC
2011 Sep 8th article "New U.S. jobless claims rose unexpectedly" last week Reuters
2011 Jul 21st article "New claims for unemployment benefits rose MORE THAN EXPECTED" Reuters
2011 Jun 9th article "U.S. Jobless Claims UNEXPECTEDLY Climb" Bloomberg
2011 May 26th article "UNEXPECTEDLY weak consumer spending kept the economy stuck in a slow growth gear " Reuters
2011 May 5th article "Initial claims for state unemployment benefits rose 43,000… Economists had expected claims to fall " Reuters
2011 April 14th article "Jobless Claims UNEXPECTEDLY Rise" Reuters
2011 March 24th article "the number of people continuing to collect jobless allowance rose UNEXPECTEDLY" IBT
2011 February 16th article "U.S. industrial output UNEXPECTEDLY fell in January" Reuters
2011 January 13th article "Treasurys Up After UNEXPECTED Rise In Jobless Claims" Wall Street Journal
2010 December 3rd article "U.S. employment barely grew in November and the jobless rate UNEXPECTEDLY hit a seven-month high" Reuters
2010 November 24th article "New orders for long-lasting U.S. manufactured goods UNEXPECTEDLY fell in October to post their largest decline in nearly two years" Reuters
2010 October 14th article "New claims for jobless benefits UNEXPECTEDLY rose last week" Reuters
2010 October 6th article "Private employers UNEXPECTEDLY cut 39,000 jobs in September" Reuters
2010 August 24th article "report on home sales last month came in much WORSE THAN EXPECTED, falling to its lowest level in 15 years" Wall Street Journal
2010 August 19th article "Applications for unemployment benefits in the U.S. UNEXPECTEDLY increased last week to the highest level since November" Bloomberg
2010 August 12th article "workers filing new claims for unemployment insurance UNEXPECTEDLY rose last week to its highest level in close to six months" Reuters
2010 August 6th article "Private employers added FEWER workers to their payrolls in July THAN EXPECTED" Reuters
2010 June 17th article "Jobless claims UNEXPECTEDLY higher last week" Reuters
2010 May 28th article "Consumer spending in the U.S. UNEXPECTEDLY stalled in April" Bloomberg
2010 Apr 30th article "Stocks turn lower after WEAKER-THAN-EXPECTED GDP" AP
2010 Apr 8th article "Initial jobless claims increase UNEXPECTEDLY" AP
2010 Mar 4th article "…Contracts for pending sales of previously owned homes UNEXPECTEDLY fell in January…" Reuters
2010 Feb 25th article "…Jobless Claims in U.S. UNEXPECTEDLY Rose…" Bloomberg
2010 Jan 22nd article "…U.S. unemployment claims UNEXPECTEDLY surged…" The Wall Street Journal
2009 Dec 17th article "…New jobless claims rise UNEXPECTEDLY…" AP
2009 Nov 20th article "…it's PERHAPS NOT SURPRISING that a majority of states reported higher numbers of joblessness …" AOL - Daily Finance
2009 Oct 1st article "…first-time claims for jobless benefits rose MORE THAN FORECAST…" Bloomberg
2009 Sep 4th article "…Unemployment rate numbers UNEXPECTEDLY jumped…" About.com Business Finance
2009 Aug 20th article "…U.S. jobless claims UNEXPECTEDLY rise…" Reuters
2009 Jul 3rd article "… the nation's unemployment picture took an UNEXPECTEDLY sharp turn for the worse…" The Baltimore Sun
2009 Jun 25th article "…unemployment benefits rose UNEXPECTEDLY in the latest week…" The Wall Street Journal
2009 Apr 2nd article "…number of people filing initial claims for unemployment benefits UNEXPECTEDLY rose last week…" CNN
2009 Mar 6th article "…new claims for unemployment benefits jumped UNEXPECTEDLY last week …" AP
2009 Feb 5th article "…claims for jobless benefits UNEXPECTEDLY jumped last…" Bloomberg
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