Zoran And Jennifer Naskov

Zoran and Jennifer Naskov coordinated the Rutherford Tea Parties on Tax Day and Fourth of July 2009, and organize the active Rutherford 912 Group.

Zoran and Jennifer met in high school in Daytona Beach, Florida. They have been in Rutherford County since 2006, having fallen in love with the mountains of Western North Carolina while on vacation as a family.

Zoran is the Chief Technology Officer of a software company that specializes in airline reservation systems. Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom, and homeschools their two children – Nastassia (9) and Aleks (8). The Naskov family directs a local soup kitchen in Rutherfordton, NC, spending nearly every Thursday feeding 350+ Rutherford County residents. They are active in the Children’s ministry at their church – Jennifer leading kids’ music and Zoran as the DJ.

Before 2009, the Naskovs had never been involved in politics (other than voting in elections). Last March, after watching the We Surround Them television program with Glenn Beck, they decided to stop saying “someone needs to do something”, and start being those “someones”.

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